Brother And Sisters Astrology Compatibility

In respect of younger brother and sisters 3rd house in a person's chart is very relevant and in case of elder brothers and sisters, 11th house of the chart is relevant. If Lord of Lagna is in 3rd house, the person is very fond of younger co-borns.

It is also the very same if Lord of 3rd house is in Lagna. If lord of 3rd and Lagna are mutual friends then there shall be good relation between them, and if they are mutual enemies, then the relationship is far from cordial. Although the person will be useful to the Coburn's but the return would be missing. If Mars aspects 3rd house where saturn is sitting, it affects longevity of Coburn's besides deteriorating relationship. In any case the person can be exploited but no one would serve him. This principle applies as neighbours also, for whom the person is caring and whom it suits the neighbour would become enemy or there can be litigations. I have experienced these aspects in life. If Jupiter is in 11th house, there is no elder brother. If Mars aspects the 11th house e.g. Aries Mars aspecting 11th house, longevity of elder brother suffers.

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