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The Taurean's characteristics are solidity, practicality, extreme determination and strength of will - no one will ever drive them, but they will willingly and loyally follow a leader they trust.

They are stable, balanced, conservative good, law-abiding citizens and lovers of peace. As they have a sense of material values and physical possessions, respect for property, they will do everything in their power to maintain the security of the status quo and be somewhat hostile to change. Mentally, they are keen-witted and often follow rule of thumb, but apt to become fixed in their opinions through their preference for following accepted and reliable patterns of experience. They are faithful and generous friends with a great capacity for affection, but rarely make friends with anyone outside their social rank, to which they are ordinarily excessively faithful. Mainly, they are gentle, cool tempered, good natured, modest and slow to anger, disliking quarreling and avoiding ill-feeling. If they are provoked, however, they can explode into violent outbursts of ferocious anger in which they seem to lose all self-control. They can flourish in many different trades and professions: banking, architecture, building, almost any form of bureaucracy, auctioneering, farming, medicine, chemistry, industry Taureans make good managers and foremen surveying, insurance, education and, perhaps surprisingly, music and sculpture. Tauras is most closer to earth than any other zodiac sign. The main objective in leading a Taurean life is primarily (though not entirely) to maintain stability and physical concerns. Your inner spiritual sense longs for earthly harmony and wholesomeness. When you fully understand this, and work toward this end, you will no longer need to blindly reassure yourself with external possessions and comforts.

* Stability
* Being Attracted
* Things Natural
* Time to Ponder
* Comfort and Pleasure

* Disruption
* Being pushed too hard
* Synthetic or "man made" things
* Being rushed .

Some interesting Fact about Tauras:
* your ruling planet is VENUS.
* The animal associated with you sign is this tough looking bull. The Egyptian Hourus was the bull of heaven, and a white bull was sacrificed in Babylonia at the New Year to placate Ramman, the god of thunder and lightning.
* Colour of your choice is PINK.
* your starstone is EMERALD.

But there are astrological difference between two persons born at the same time and place, to think that future can be known from zodiac forecast, is in a sense, impossible.Thus, zodiac forecast has no sound and scientific basis for making future predictions.

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