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Everyone born between August 23 to September 22 falls under zodiac virgo sign. Virgo star sign symbol is that of a virgos.


Virgo Horoscope :


The sixth sign of the zodiac chart, Virgos are easy to spot in public. For one thing, they wouldn't be screaming their lungs out. Instead they will place themselves in the quietest corner of the room reading a book. With attractive features inherent to a Virgo, these pretty creatures will always be dressed in sleek and smart attire and perfectionist as they are will observe the tiniest details around them, measuring each passing minute. Virgos avoid social gatherings unless they are duty bound. You have good chances of finding them working for late hours at the workplace rather than hopping at a club. It is hard for them to be carefree as they are essentially disturbed at crowded places. Not to say that they don't enjoy occasional fun but duty calls them sooner than it does to anybody else. Too engrossed in their work, Virgos are not the type to daydream or wish upon stars.

Virgo Characteristics :

First thing that catches people's attention when meeting these people is the apprehension that they have spent the entire night solving a puzzle in their head or worrying about something. It is very likely that they were. Worry comes naturally to them. Some may even say that they are addicted to it but they can hide it all behind their beautiful smile. Another physical characteristic that catches people's attention is their alluring and attractive eyes. So clear and sparkling are their eyes that one can see his reflection in them. They dazzle with intelligence and clarity of thought. Graceful and charming in their appearance, Virgos have well balanced and proportioned figures. The face has an intelligent appearance with clear and delicate features; lips are full or bounteous, skin fair and clear. With so much to offer, Virgos are extremely fussy and critical of how they turn out whether in person or in front of the camera. If you have an eagle eye, you'll notice them spruce up and fix their hair in front of the mirror, obviously when they think they are alone. Consciously or unconsciously, Virgos take a lot of time in picking what they wear and usually look very well turned out. Usually small in built, Virgos should not be seen as weak body. Don’t be fooled with the tiny body and soft and delicate features, they have a lot of inner strength and can bear longer working hours than the tough looking opponent.

Virgo Traits :

You must be thinking- Gosh what fuss! But don't be blinded by their picky and dogmatic lifestyle. Lot of Virgos are blessed with ingenious wit. One can catch a glimpse of it with their excellent side remarks of which probably they are famous for, in their peer group. Virgos possess the mercurial charm which is hard to ignore. Undoubtedly sincere and reliable, Virgos can be the best friend you ever had. They make good counsellors because of their excellent ability to look at a situation from the logical stand point rather getting all emotional about it. Although many people take their advice as intrusions in their life especially when the advice is uncalled for, one should listen to them as they are known to give the best advices and for your own betterment. Virgos, also, are very particular about their health. They are the best persons to have when you're sick as they will be the first to rush to a drug store to get you the right pills and take care of you like their own child. This is the reason why Virgos make good nurses. What is interesting is that, these hard working species can be extremely lazy and very impatient at times. They become cranky, bad tempered and scolding especially when they are faced with vulgarity, idiosyncrasies and carelessness. They have very few myths about life and people even when it comes to their love life. They are aware of the incapability and shortcomings of their spouse or loved one. However, as mentioned a thousand times already, the best feature of a Virgo personality is giving a hundred percent to the task at hand. They want the thing to be done perfectly. Virgos leave no space for improvement because they do it with the best of their ability and will leave no stone unturned to complete the project they are handling. Virgos as quite critical of flaws present in others but do not welcome any suggestions or criticism from anybody not because they are too proud to accept it but because they are well aware of the shortcomings present in them. It can be said that Virgos are their own worst critic.

Virgo Compatibility :

Virgo and Aries :

Virgo being ruled by Mercury , does not blend well astrologically with the Martian tendencies of Aries. Virgos are to fault finding and precise for the Aries personality. Where Virgo will be logical and analytical, Aries will become impatient.

Virgo and Taurus :

Not a good match again as Taurus will never have his way with a Virgo. Moreover a Taurean does not like to be blistered or criticized which Virgos are famous for. Both of them are earth signs; however where Taurus believes in display of emotions, Virgos will be overwhelmed with such an outburst of emotions being a very reserved person.

Virgo and Gemini :

For a continuous and ongoing relationship, this is not a good pair. Even though, both of the signs are under the influence of the planet Mercury, Gemini is calculative and analytical, whereas Virgos are demanding and critical.  Gemini's desire to bring a change in the world would be trashed by Virgo's realism. Although completely different in nature, these two signs share common interests for good clothes, cleanliness, being acquainted with people who are involves in intellectual and artistic hunt. Through this common platform, a Virgo- Gemini amalgamation may form.

Virgo and Cancer :

Virgo's insatiable demands may disturb Cancerians in their pursuit of peace and quiet. Cancerians will not be happy with Virgo's direct and practical approach to all the matters in front of them as the former believes in sentimental and affectionate approach to things. Virgos' nagging and constant critique will force the shy Cancerians to go back in their shell and not come out. This would lead the Virgo into complete madness.

Virgo and Leo :

There are good chances of these two signs going well together. Big Hearted Leo will let go of Virgo's critical nature, love the wit and alertness. On the other hand, Virgo will take joy in Leo's accomplishment and enjoy the sign's sense of humour and loving nature. If Virgo lets Leo enjoy all the limelight and fray from criticising Leo's desire to be the centre of attention, this duo could have a successful relationship..

Virgo and Virgo :

Similar pole repel. This rule of physics applies here too. Both will have an impulse to out win each other in the war of wits and what is interesting is that both the opponents will be equally matched. One would talk about other's fault at length and vice versa. However if both of them specialise in different things, professionally, the relationship has better chances of working.

Virgo and Libra :

Another couple that would have trouble putting up with each other. Like Leos and Taureans, Libra too, cannot take criticism that Virgos master at. Virgo's attention to tiniest of details would drive Libra mad who despises details.

Virgo and Scorpio :

Here is one combination that admire each other mutually. The Virgo mind is extremely captivated with the mysterious Scorpio. Moreover Scorpios are least likely to deter from Virgo's habit to sulk. Virgo appreciates Scorpio's ability to calculate the circumstance and avoid risky situations before they become controversies. Again, if Virgo can deter from wounding Scorpio's pride, this combination can become a lasting one.

Virgo and Sagittarius :

Sagittarius love for freedom and change may be too much to handle for worldly and urbane Virgo. Its easy for a Sagittarius to fall in love with a Virgo because of the latter's neat and clean ways. But once they enter a relationship, Sagittarius may get overwhelmed with Virgo way of living. Also, Sagittarius will get annoyed the most with Virgo's constant bickering and Virgo would not have to find plenty of things in Sagittarius to complain about.

Virgo and Capricorn :

The two signs share a lot of similarities and hence are very compatible. They sometimes mirror each other in lot of ways which avoids disagreement to a large extent. Both of them have a penchant for neat appearance and surroundings. They also make very good friends when the world outside becomes too hard to handle. This Mercury-Sun alliance finds complimentary values in the areas that require practical and realistic approach. However there may be lack of Romance as both are a bit shy and reserved in this area.

Virgo and Aquarius :

Aquarius is full of surprises which is not something that Virgo is completely comfortable with. If there is a lot of gap in the educational levels of the two, the relationship will be hard to carry on with. On the other hand same kind of education and profession increases chances of happiness. There is no middle path when it comes to these signs; it’s either very good or very bad.

Virgo and Pisces :

These two signs are poles apart and that is not just an expression. They differ in everything they do or lay hands on. It will require a lot of patience and tolerance from Virgo's side to handle moody and sentimental temperament of Pisces. If Virgo can show a little bit of its sentimental side (which is sometimes hard to find), the relationship can go a long way.

Virgo Star Stone :

The star stone for Virgo is  Sardonyx. This should not be confused with their birth stone which is Sapphire. Although the properties of Sardonyx have not been discussed wildly, it is believed to increase stamina and self confidence in the wearer, infusing optimism in one's life. Sardonyx is a member of the quartz family which comes in a wide variety of colours.

Virgo Color :

The Color Blue is lucky for Virgo. Blue represents love, peace and symbolises expressions of happiness. Although Blue should be avoided to be worn on serious occasion, it has a soothing effect on the nerves which is essential for the Virgo's anxious mind. Blue is considered to be the color of the mind. Where strong shades of blues activate clarity of thought, softer shades calm the mind and help in concentration.

Virgo Ruling Planet :

The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury. In Roman mythology Mercury is the God of commerce, travel and thievery. Named as a wing messenger in roman myth, it is a representative of adaptability which makes a person adjust accordingly in different circumstances posed in front of him/her. Astrologically, mercury is connected with the mind. It is the provider of wisdom and processes huge amount of information within us. Mercury tends to make a person verbose, critical, and high strung.


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