Birthstone Gems

Birthstone Gems - Know your Astrology Gemstone

Gemstones or a semi precious stones correlated with a month of the Gregorian calendar are identified as one's birthstones. These gems are thought to be lucky for people whose birth date falls on the month to which these gems relate to.

Some of the many advantages of wearing one's birthstone gems include health, good relations, wealth and an increase in social esteem.

The planets and the stars, according to astrological beliefs, emit their own cosmic color and give out certain energy. The energy of these planets along with the energy giving elements of magnetism, electricity and heat have an effect over every living being. Thus planetary positions in one’s birth chart have great influence over one's life.

According to gemstone astrology, birthstones can help strengthen the positive aspects of your chart which are determined by the planetary positions in the same because birthstones echo the energy of these planets. These birthstones help to reduce the bad results, enhance the good ones and draw out the most favourable aspects.

The removal of negativity and bringing out the positive in one's life by wearing birthstones gems that influence the body, mind and consciousness is called Gem therapy. Gem therapy in gem astrology is a highly powerful tool for treating all the problems in one's life. However, if chosen or worn wrongly, these can have adverse effects on one's life. Hence these should be worn under guidance of a qualified practitioner and astrologer. Many factors such as astrological signs, chakra symbols and cosmic power of gemstones are taken into consideration before choosing the right birthstone gems for a person.


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