Sonam Kapoor Nature Horoscope

Sonam Kapoor Nature Horoscope

Real Name : Sonam Kapoor

Birth Date: June 09,1985

Birth Place: mumbai,Maharashtra,India

Birth Time: 12:00:00

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Sonam Kapoor Nature

Jupiter affects 12th house of horoscope chart . Sonam Kapoor get sound sleep. Rather sleeping any time is her weakness. Planet Moon is of Leo or Cancer or Aquarius Sign in chart indicates that Sonam Kapoor have a beautiful face and attractive eyes. Lord of Ascendant and Ketu planet are in constant Sign in chart indicates that Sonam Kapoor have thin body.

She is charitable by nature and when needed Sonam Kapoor can spend upon charity if Sonam Kapoor have surplus money Sonam Kapoor can join charitable instiute also, and can raise fund for charitable causes.

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Blue Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire
Red Coral
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