Alka Yagnik 2010 Horoscope

Alka Yagnik 2010 Horoscope Horoscope

Real Name : Alka Yagnik

Birth Date: March 20,1963

Birth Place: Calcutta ( West Bengal)India

Birth Time: 19:02:00

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Alka Yagnik 2010 Horoscope

Brief Summary Of the Year (January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010)
Jupiter in its transit is positioned in the ninth house of her birth chart which is the house of fortune. The planet's movement will be in her favour and will not only bring Alka Yagnik good fortune but also enhance it.

Alka Yagnik Health 2010 Horoscope
The health will be maintained during this period.

Alka Yagnik Career 2010 Horoscope
This year will prove to be rewarding and satisfying for her ventures. It's a very good year for the people who want to start up with their own business ventures. Even the day to day functioning of the work life will also prove good.

Alka Yagnik Finance 2010 Horoscope
In her chart, this year would be very rewarding financially. If Alka Yagnik have a requirement of funds this year, Alka Yagnik will manage the needed finance easily. It indicates financial gain and Alka Yagnik will excel in the management of funds. There will be a direct and positive impact of this period on her life. For the ones in business, it will also prove to be a paying year ie it will pay back her efforts and hardwork. If Alka Yagnik is in business, and Alka Yagnik were facing the bad debts, there are likely chances to recover them back. The investments would also prove beneficial to Alka Yagnik.

Alka Yagnik Domestic Affairs 2010 Horoscope
If birth of a child is expected, then this is the year for Alka Yagnik. If Alka Yagnik already have children, then it will be rewarding for them. Besides, her Alka Yagniknger co- borns, if any, will be benefited this year.

Alka Yagnik Life Style 2010 Horoscope
her comforts and happiness will increase as compared to previous year and a sense of satisfaction will emerge. Some new and pleasant events are likely to take place this year which will make Alka Yagnik more resourceful and also give a boost to her image. her reputation should be on all time high.

Alka Yagnik Social Life 2010 Horoscope
This period can also give some religious activities for Alka Yagnik. For example: there is also a possibility, that this year Alka Yagnik will go for pilgrimage or a religious journey that will bring Alka Yagnik lot of happiness and a sense of satisfaction. This period will be beneficial for her personal influence also.

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