Cindy Crawford Manglik Report

Cindy Crawford Manglik Report Horoscope

Real Name : Cindy Crawford

Birth Date: February 20,1966

Birth Place: De Kalb ( IL)USA

Birth Time: 12:56:00

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Cindy Crawford Manglik Report

Manglik Report for Cindy Crawford
In your lagna chart the planet Mars is situated in 7 and in your Moon Chart the planet Mars is situated in 1 so form both the chart you are Manglik.Your Mars is in seventh house, denotes married life and spouse in particular and the presence of the planet in this house results in disharmony between couple and differences among family memebers.Mangal in this house affects the 1st,2nd and 10th house in turn. Your Mars is in first house, it denotes "Self" and the presence of Mars in this house makes one short tempered and quarrelsome.The person tends to be dominating.Mangal in the 1st house affects the 4th,7th and the 8th house simultaneously.

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Blue Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire
Red Coral
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