Judy Garland Moon Rashi Report

Judy Garland Moon Rashi Horoscope

Real Name : Judy Garland

Birth Date: June 10,1922

Birth Place: Grand Rapids ( MN)USA

Birth Time: 06:00:00

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Judy Garland Moon Rashi

Moon Rashi Report for Judy Garland
Moon Rashi:- Sagittarius/Dhanu
Ruling Planet: Jupiter/Guru
Name Initials: Ye ,Yo, Yho ,Bha ,Bhi, Bhee ,Bhu, Bhoo ,Dha ,Pha, Fa ,Dhaa, Dhha ,Bhe, Bhay
People born under this sign are ethical and earnestly follow their religion.They possess leadership qualities and a positive outlook towards life.They are the breadwinners of their family.Saggitarians are rational,intellectual,benevolent,resourceful,individualistic,demure and righteous.They become famous because of their intellect and actions.
Physically they are long faced with slender necks an attractive body parts.Their hair starts falling early.Personally they are good friends and do not leave their accomplices.They speak softly and are tolerant.They put their efforts but do not keep the rewards in mind while doing so.They are honest businessman. Saggitarians can be domianting at times.They attain riches by the way fo family as they born with riches and attain whatever they have set to do.Destiny favors them at the age of 22-23.
Lucky years for Judy Garland: 9, 18, 36, 45, 54
Difficult years for Judy Garland: 2, 10, 18, 31, 38, 42

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