Kelly Clarkson Moon Rashi Report

Kelly Clarkson Moon Rashi Horoscope

Real Name : Kelly Clarkson

Birth Date: April 24,1982

Birth Place: Burleson ( TX)USA

Birth Time: 12:00:00

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Kelly Clarkson Moon Rashi

Moon Rashi Report for Kelly Clarkson
Moon Rashi:- Aries/Mesh
Ruling Planet: Mars/Mangal
Name Initials: Chu, Choo ,Che, Chay ,Cho ,La, Lha ,Li, Lee, Lhi ,Lu, Loo, Lhu ,Le, Lay ,Lo ,A
The people who have their names starting with the letters mentioned above fall under the sign Aries which is also the first sign in the horoscopic chart.The physical characteristics are peculiar with people born under this sign.They have a healthy body.In other words are well built,these people are not usually tall but are of medium height.A dusky complexion,slender neck are their key features.They have fine teeth in their lower jaw and might have upper teeth that bulge out a bit.The people born under this sign are not talkative or speak less but when they do,they are usually clever with it. Their unsociable nature makes them talk less.The color of their big eyes is pale and sometimes red.One can also find some kind of scar or bruise on their face or forehead.Dont be scared though ! They do have a smiling face even with a scar face and those red eyes.
Ariens walk fast and travel a lot due to the kind of profession they choose for themselves.They have a limited intellect and are capricious by nature.In other words are very moody and like to work under somebody who would guide or direct them at work.However they desire success and are gaurded when it come to their self respect.They are most likely to mould their fate with hard work and tussle.They are forthright,kind and love freedom and resent boundations.Working for social causes and being realistic in their tasks is yet another admirable feature.They are clostrophobic,hydrophobic and may be weak in the knees quite literally.People born under this sign are stable in their job and are most likely to remain in the same profession.They do not normally open up about their opinions and suggestions about others,and hence are disliked in the society.They do not have many children and are greedy.Prone to fevers,they suffer from some kind of skin and blood disease.
Lucky years for Kelly Clarkson: 16, 20, 28, 34, 41, 48, 51
Difficult years for Kelly Clarkson: 1,3, 6, 8, 15, 21, 36, 40, 45, 56, 63

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