Rudi Altig 2010 Horoscope

Rudi Altig 2010 Horoscope Horoscope

Real Name : Rudi Altig

Birth Date: March 18,1937

Birth Place: Mannheim ( )Germany

Birth Time: 23:30:00

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Rudi Altig 2010 Horoscope

Brief Summary Of the Year (January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010)
Transit Jupiter during is in the 12th house which in turn influences the 4th, 6th and 8th houses. 12th house is known to be house of expenditures and investments.

Rudi Altig Career 2010 Horoscope
On the professional front, Rudi Altig will face difficulties at work and may have to change the working arrangement. Also, things happening in course of business will be adversely affected and will not be upto his liking. Sometimes, work will come to an extenmt that Rudi Altig will feel choked. Ideas about getting into a new business venture may come to his mind, something that Rudi Altig have never thought of doing before. In any case some new event is going to take place.

Rudi Altig Finance 2010 Horoscope
Lot of expenditure and investment is indicated during this year. Type of expenditure may vary based on circumstances and situation Rudi Altig is in. Expenditures that take place can be related to house, journey, building assets, maintenance of assets, or something that is related to increasing day to day living comforts of life, education, health, ailment, expenses on mother, expenses on litigation(court cases) etc. Rudi Altig may purchase property or assets for increasing life style or renovate, or do maintenance of house/property/assets. Such assets may include things of domestic comfort like property, automobiles, electronic goods, furniture and house hold goods etc. 

Rudi Altig Domestic Affairs 2010 Horoscope
During the course of this year Rudi Altig may have to undertake a long journey. Change of residence is likely to take place. High lifestyle is marked in this year, as Rudi Altig will spend lot of money in domestic comforts

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