Sachin Tendulkar Shani Report

Sachin Tendulkar Shani Report Horoscope

Real Name : Sachin Tendulkar

Birth Date: April 24,1973

Birth Place: Mumbai ( Maharashtra)India

Birth Time: 16:20:00

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Sachin Tendulkar Shani Report

Shani Report for Sachin Tendulkar
Phase: First SadeSaati First Phase
Period: December 20, 1984 to December 15, 1987
Rashi: Vrishchik
During this phase,the person affected might be mentally tortured because of the circumstances and the sequences.The aspect that is affected him e is the household or the domestic front.Socially,one may has to beware of the contemptand the oblivion Sachin Tendulkar may face.Expenditure,too needs to be tightened or else the pressure on the pocket will be great.Basically this is a phase where one has to perform and face certain things wihout one's will.One may also go to far off destination to cope up with the situation.Managing with constrained resources even when resources are needed the most can happen.This phase is the just the beginning,so one should build up the valour to deal whats coming ahead.Interruptions in all the tasks that one does is a normal thing to happen.Hence an extra effort and a lot of ahrd work is required to accompalish what one wants to achieve.This phase requires things to be handled delicately and carefully.
Phase: First SadeSaati Second Phase
Period: December 16, 1987 to March 19, 1990
Rashi: Dhanu
This is considered on the top of the Sade Sati in terms of its effect.One may feel confined and held back.The regularity of life may alter entirely.One needs to take care of one's health but it may be a cumbersome activity unless one is complaint to the changes of nature.Exhaustion may give way to feeling of annoyance and uneveness.Moreover mother's health may be a point of worry.Also,females of the family need both support and attention.Tranquility of thoughts may take place.However one may be bewildered about various issues especially when one has to take a decision which results in interuptions and delays.Phobia of unknown object can also grow.Relations may become sour in the sense that there might break the strong bond.Being strong is the only way out.
Phase: First SadeSaati Third Phase
Period: March 20, 1990 to March 4, 1993
Rashi: Makar
This sets a low pace for the Sadi Sati.One may become cynical in your approach.The only thing that can be recommended him e is that one needs to stay away from this negativity especially in this phase.What was once dealt with enthusiasm now seems dry and discouraging which results in the lack of zeal in the daily activities whether it be business or personal activity. Things may not give the kind of result that you want despite of a lot of efforts one may put in.In other cases,once you get the desired result,its charm may have been lost.Dealing with Government might have its own set of problems.Penalty may have to be faced if required care and caution is not maintained.Speech may become rough or rude while talking to others.Hence communication should be paid attention to.Expenses will keep on increasing.Fear of theft might crop up.Travelling plans if any might get postponed and will be uncomfortable.Again,it is a time that tests your patience.

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