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Shani Sade Sati

Let us first explain what the term Sade Sati mean.The word Sade Sati itself implies seven and a half years where "sade" means half and "sati" means seven.In Vedic Astrology,Sade Sati is a time when the planet Saturn moves through the 1st,2nd and the 12th house from the natal moon.Here the planet Saturn or Shani takes two and a half years to move from one house to another.The Sade Sati phase is pivotal in Vedic Astrology since it signifies hardships or negative outcomes to the native or his/her blood relations.

The Sade Sati cycle happens in one's life two to three times within a gap of 25 years.It may happen the fourth time but thats a rarity.Everyone has to go through this period except in cases where the person dies before the beginning of his/her first Sade Sati.The repurcussions of the first Sade Sati have to be faced not by the native but his/her close relatives.The effect of the second cycle of Sade Sati has its recipient as the household matters and business.The third cycle alters or disturbs aspects like family and health.The affected person or persons may be harmed physically or amy even die.However the outcomes differ depending on the chart and the planets' position in the chart.One also has to see the relation between the planet Shani or Saturn and the Lagna or the Ascendant,the Rashi or the Moon Sign.The character is found out by Nakshatra it comes under.

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